Friday, May 29, 2015

Please come back...!!

That day, Feb 3rd 2008, I could never forget. I felt how cruel the god is. I wished if it could have been a dream. But unfortunately no. It was real. It did happened. She is no more with me. My granny left me. It was the moment I felt my heart was completely broken into pieces. Eyes filled with tears. I felt myself missing somewhere alone.

She is my second mother. I loved her to the core.she helped me whenever I am in need. Even after 7 years, I am longing for her.

Love is a sacrifice and unlimited affection. She flooded me with her unconditional love. As Marcus Tullius Cicero says, "The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." she left me with her golden memories which wont vanish from me.

She struggled a lot in her time. She have been my role model. I never seen her crying even for a big problem. she wont keep affection so soon. but, if she keeps, she will pay for it. She will do everything for them. She says, "Always we need to be true at any cost. We need to help others who are in need. Be courageous and don't be afraid of anything. Don't do injustice to anyone even at any situation.".

She was with me when I was with no money. She was very happy when I was placed in campus interview. I used to tell her that I will take her to outing and hotels which she wished many times. 

But it became unfulfilled. I will be shouting at god. cant he wait for some 6 - 8 months. Does he need my granny that much soon. I will be feeling still as though I missed my biggest duty of making her happy.

At her life time, she faced lot of hurdles and obstacles to grow her children. She suffered a lot. I am praying to god that at least now, may her soul rest in peace. 

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  1. Miss my both grandmother a lot..:'( I was completely broken and devastated a lot too when they left the world!

  2. I too was very close to my granny.
    we take people for granted and plan to do things but life is uncertain so we should keep on doing things for others or loved ones that we heartily wish to do. Her blessings are there with u. good article.

    1. True.. Still I feel too bad.. I am helpless..