Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My first cute shuttle..

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Anything when it reaches to us for the first time is very special for us. At any moment, we will be attached to it. The same feeling was filled with me in case of my two wheeler. Here's a short flashback of how I received it.

Usually, I will go to my school in my bicycle as my school is near to my home. It used to take me only 10 minutes to reach my school from home. But, when I joined college which was located in OMR, I could not even imagine about my cycle as it was around 45 km from my home. I bid a farewell to my small vehicle and I got used with college bus. I have a strong desire of having my own vehicle to go wherever i think independent. I have a hatred of depending on others for a travel. Though we cant avoid travelling in bus or train completely, to an extent we will be freewheeling when we have our own vehicle. I would be longing for a vehicle. When I used to see a lady driving a two-wheeler, I wish I could be. I will dream as if i am driving it. I was very much interested in it. But I was not smart enough that time to buy one as something is avoiding me from it.

My unfulfilled dream comes true when I was engaged with Anand, my husband. Once after the engagement, he was compelling me to get a driving licence which is good to have for any document verification. He said we will need these documents  when we apply for marriage registration too. Because of his compulsion, I went for a driving school. There, they asked me to get both 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler licence at the same time as that will be useful. If we apply only for two wheeler now, and later for four wheeler, we have a problem of having 2 different licence which is another difficulty. So, I paid for both and learnt four wheeler properly.

A big twist came when I come to know the fact that they will teach me only four wheeler and only help me to get the licence for 2-wheeler. As my paid money is not reimbursable, without any alternative, I learnt four wheeler alone. The specified time arrived for the test. I was unusually very anxious and frightened to drive before all. That too, in particular, the inspector who came for sanctioning our licence. Somehow I managed to change the gear of four wheeler and I got approved for four wheeler.

Then comes the real picture of getting licence of 2 wheeler. My teacher of four wheeler as he was an agent helped me to get licence of 2 wheeler by driving TVS 50 straightly. To my astonishment, I got approved for that too and I was asked to get the licence from him in the evening. I will be still laughing to the core when i think this incident. Also, I would think how super is our Indian system. without any knowledge, we can get anything only with the power of money.

My husband, as he is in travelling job, could not drive a vehicle continuously for all days. So, he planned to get a vehicle in such a way that it would be useful for me too. He bought a brand new Suzuki access 125 a month before our wedding. But only after 2 years of getting licence, I thought of learning driving with this bike. He taught me so nicely. But still, I was very afraid to drive as that bike is also heavy.

My mother used to tell, if we were left alone only, we can learn anything easily. The same way, only when my husband is not there, I will take the vehicle and practice for a small distance. If he was with me, I will become so lazy and wont even touch it. Later, I got liking my bike so much and for places either small distance or larger, I would prefer my cute bike only. Now, I could not even think a day without my bike. Recently, my hubby got a new bike leaving this to me.

Though I met with some minor accidents with this twice, I feel really cheerful and overjoyed with my 2 wheeler. I feel as if I am very independent and I can drive anywhere without relying upon anyone.
So, my caption is correct right. Anything we got first is special to us.. :-)

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  1. Loved this line.."Anything when it reaches to us for the first time is very special for us. " So true..And on your experience of getting 2 wheeler Hope in future these system work properly..We can only hope..