Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gonna Decide: Give it five minutes..

Many a times we will be puzzling out to arrive with a right decision. Everyone, inspite of how well they are, they will be meeting this confusion at many point in their life time. We will be suffering from this dilemma to choose which decisions suits us and take us in a right path. In particular, We can take this instance. Everyone would have faced this problem when we are in a situation to choose our graduation stream after we complete our HSC(Higher Secondary Course).

We will be in a position to consider many options. First of all, once we were out of school, we will be in an intention to earn as soon as possible. We will be preferring that type of course. Next option will be the current trend. When I was out from my school, there was a craze for engineering. Everyone will be answering for the question "Which degree are you going to take?" as Engineering though there was a recession period at that time. Even I became the victim for that and I learnt computer science engineering. 

The next preference will be as of our parents's. Some parents have their opinions based on their experience, their unfulfilled desire etc and try to enforce the same to their child. They will come up with a course and convince their child to take that up. Other choice will be from our passion. Some will think which suits them and in which area they are interested in. Also, in addition to these, many will come up with their own suggestions.

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How much confusions in taking a major decision for our life. 
But this is not a negligible decision which we are going to take. This decides our life. This is our career. This makes our future. We should not be hesitant like other issues. 

First of all, don't let others to choose your future. Get all others suggestion and keep aside. Think alone. Take a deep breath and be peaceful for 5 minutes without thinking anything. Prepare a questionnaire of your own. Try to answer all. Based on your answer, choose the right decision. Sample questionnaire can be

1. which course you like the most? why?
2. what are all other main course?
3. what is the scope of this course?
4. Fees of the course?
5. Is our family affordable to this course?
5. If not, is there any equivalent of this course?

Answer all these questions in a peaceful and calm mind. After seeing the answer, we will come to a proper conclusion which makes our self happy with a right decision.

This is only one single example. But, This suits us in all the problem we are facing. For example, we got employment offers from 2 companies. Again, we will be in a turmoil in choosing the right concern for us. Dont get panic. Just give it 5 minutes. Be calm. Take a paper. Write down the merit and demerit of both the companies. Give a weightage for it. Calculate it based on the marks you have given and easily we will end up with a proper decision. 

Giving weightage is based on your preference. Take a working married women for instance. As she needs to take care of her family and work, she will be preferring a company which is nearby to her home rather than travelling a lot. Hence, here short distance company takes more marks than that of the company which is long.

Thus, all the important decisions which decides our career and future needs to be decided in a peaceful and calm mind. Don't be in a hurry and create a chaos in these situations. Take your time and come up with a good and right decision suitable for you.

Again, Don't let others to take decision for your life.

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