Thursday, June 11, 2015

Remove the Weed in us on WEADD day!!!

Life is a journey where we will be meeting many new persons, come across new experience which mold us in a good way. There is a mixture of good and bad in our society. It is in our hands to take a right one for us. The first society which we face from our childhood is our Family. Before we face the original big society, we will be surrounded with many relations which teaches us a plenty of lessons. Though we have many persons, the base will be mainly our parents and grand parents.

I am very much close to my mother side grand parents who taught me many morals for my life. My grandmother and grandfather have many habits and attitude similar. I wont say they are made for each other pair. But still, some traits will be very much similar to both of them. They dint teach me anything by having a scale in their hands. They were following certain quality which automatically made me too to follow it. They were punctual. They will help others with whatever they have. They wont even think of their need. First priority will be given to others in any circumstances. Both will strive to keep up their words at any cost. 

My grand father is hard worker. Even after crossing 80 yrs, still he is doing some work and engaging himself. My grandma is like a bundle of good traits with loads of love and care for all her children and grand children. She is an epitome for her gentleness.

Now a days, as most of the mothers are working to earn so as to run their family, full support is given only by their respective parents. Love and affection from their grand parents is like an awesome feelings which every one needs to experience. 

When I was a kid, I used to long for the weekend. Each and every saturdays we will be going to our grand parent's house. We will be enjoying to the core there. My grandma is an expert in cooking. We will be thinking to order differnt foods to her which she will prepare happily with lots of love in it. 

But, a disappointing fact now is the growth in old age homes and abuse of elderly people. Many people are leaving their parents to these homes and appointing a new baby sitter for taking care of their child. How cruel is this? will the new baby sitter coming from outside take care of our child with a proper love and care? We don't even claim for it as this is unnecessary for them. They will only do their work for which they are paid. But will this be the case when we consider their own parents? Will they be paid for their work they do to take care of us? is that the reward we give to our parents for giving birth and growing us in abundant care?

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To prevent these abuse and injustice towards these elders, a special day has been allocated for them. June 15 2015 is the WEADD- World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and its aim is to let know the real stress and pain the elders are in when they get abused.

But, it is not said that only in this day we need to take care of them. We need to show the respect to them for their lifetime. 

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Please dont make them feel their loneliness and leave them orphans.. 

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  1. Good essay.Please keep posting stories of cases of Elder Abuse as it unfolds, mentioning how it can be prevented. Thanks