Thursday, June 25, 2015

SMART way to make your life SMARTER

We all are familiar with the very old proverb "Time and tide wait for none" which is cent percent true. I may not go back to  my childhood now. My days are passing and my precious time is running. I can't even go back to my previous second. Similar to our life, once time runs, I cant get it back. So, how much do we need to respect this? How much do we need to plan for it in order to utilize it in a smarter way?

A small options is a big culprit for our goal and life.That is nothing but, Now? or Not Now? We will be opting for the second one most of the time where our procrastination starts.
If we overcome this procrastination, a wonderful results are waiting for us.

We need to set up a smart goal and strive for the same. 

Three P's are so important to us for time management and before setting up a smarter goals.
  • Positive
  • Personal
  • Possible
No matter what is the situation is. We need to be positive at any situation. Positive thoughts will help us to aim at a goal and achieve it. We should say get out to the "Negative thoughts" if it knocks our mind to get in. 

Also, the decision or goal which we are going to take need to be personally fit for us. It needs to be a personally accepted desire.

Next and last import decision in our queue is to decide if it is relevant and possible to us. Everyone can't aim for everything without any relevance to it. Say suppose, a guy aged 50 years can't aim for becoming an astronaut. Though he has a wish and goal to become an astronaut, his health won't support for his ambition.

First of all, don't get tensed in choosing a right decision. Choosing any decision in a hurry and tensed will result you in a chaos. If you are in a tensed mood, just give it five minutes.

After giving 5 minutes, once you are in a good mood, start preparing for your smart goal. We need to elaborate the word SMART to understand it better.

SMART - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.

Here's the options well elaborated..

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Lets manage our given precious time, set up a smart goal, and reach the pinnacle in our life.

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