Thursday, June 4, 2015

Misleading Ads..

Media has become so powerful in this technology era. Any new release will reach people and have a good market very soon with the help of media. Also, if leading actors and actress comes before us, for sure we will tend to fall for the product. But, one disappointing incidents happening now a days is the marketing of education. College management, charging high fees from the students, spending it for their advertisements for the market. Rather than concentrating in the students's welfare and education, they are mainly considering about their advertisements and spending a lot for it.

For few months, one of the ad which is making most of us(like me) irritating is Chennai Amritha international hotel management. A leading actress boosting up this college. Before 10 years, these types of college ads were very less. Is education becoming that much business oriented thing to market it so much? One type of ad is there will be a hotel like theme where the actress will be standing. With lot of astonishment in her face (which comes easily for her), questions if she is standing in a college or dubai 7 star building. Usually, frequency of displaying ads depends upon the payment of the business persons to the respective channels. In the same way, College management has spent a lot for these ads and we could find this ad frequency in almost all the tamil channels will be high which means they have spent a lot.

The same amount which they are spending for the ads, are they spending it for the welfare of the students? are they maintaing good environment as they display in media? are they providing good education? are the students provided with good opputunities? where is the answer for all these? First of all, who will answer for these? Whoever act in the ad will get their money. But, as they are promoting, they too need some social responsibity of checking whether the provided information is correct or not right.

I recently came across a real incident based on this college in facebook. 

"On 25th Mar 2015, 1st year student of Chennai Amirta Hotel Management college has committed suicide due to the poor hostel management and ragging tortures. Chennai Amirta has ensured that this information did not leak out(they got a huge money). He is a son of a farmer. After seeing this attractive ad, also wishing to bring up his family to a higher position soon, he urged his father to get him admitted in this college. Only after getting enrolled, does the father and student came to know that the hostel is not even Chennai Amirta's own, Warden drinks and gambles with the senior students of the hostel and moreover ragged this newly joined student and nobody questioned them.

Also Chennai Amirta has collected more amount for this hostel. Frustrated with all the tortures in hostel, the student packed his bags to move out of hostel. But his mobile and bags was taken by them not allowing him to even get out of the hostel.

They asked him to get a letter from college if he needs to get out of hostel. Chennai Amirta has not taken action even after hearing all these.

As he came to know that work at abroad was all just fake, and with all the tortures from the hostel, the student has decided to commit suicide leaving a voice note on his phone blaming the co-students, warden and the Chennai Amirta college. This news was telecasted first on Makkal Tv, and then on Polimer Tv. No other media has published/telecasted it. Even Makkal Tv and Polimer TV stopped telecasting it. On further enquiry to Polimer TV, they said they cannot telecast it again and can't even give us the recorded version and they were not ready to reveal the reason too.

This is our request to all of you, Chennai Amirta is spending huge money to advertise in all TV channels and so no channel is ready to show the news about them. But all those advertisements are about fake lies and majority of the students join Chennai Amirta are from poor background.

How many students are going to be cheated?

No Police Action, No media is showing the news, no leaders asking any questions. Celebrities like Radhika and Sneha are just making the money out of drowning these innocent students futures.

Only we have to support one other. We are in a country where big cows eat all of us mercilessly with persmissions of legal people. Hence, first thing you do now is, FORWARD this message.

Save 1000s of innocent Children from getting spoiled by Chennai Amirta.

Contact Karthik's(died student) Poor Dad @ 9578845128."

What is their answer for this? Will their parents gets the justice? even if they get the justice, will they get back their son? All their dreams were based on their son which is completely destroyed.  Please be sure before admitting in colleges, or also buying a product. Don't get carried away by the attractive ads which misleads us in almost all the situation.

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