Thursday, June 11, 2015

Value for our money - #LufthansaPremiumEconomy

I have noticed this many times. With many kids. They are so sweet and share their true love and affection on anyone. They will accept our gifts what ever we are offering them with a great pleasure. They don't have any comparison of prices or check the price tag for any products they receive as most of the adults do. They don't know the importance of money, they won't even care about the value of it. Even if the rate of the product is a rupee, they will be fond of it. They will just care for the love and affection we have for them rather than the price amount of our offering.

But, adults like us, as we are grown up, we know how hard is to earn money. how we are struggling to come up in a good position.  So, we will be very much careful in spending the money which is hard earned. We will be assuring that we are not wasting it. Also, we will be making sure that we get extra value for which we pay.

We will recheck a price of a product in many different stores and make sure that we are buying with a reasonable price. Also, we used to boost our self that we have bought with a product with a fair and cheap rate. As the online purchase increased now a days, we will be opting for the dresses which have a best offers like BOGO(Buy one Get one), discounts etc. So, our happiness will be lying on the extra values which we get for an amount we paid. Isn't it?

This quality in us will not only be restricted with shopping. But it is extended to travel as well. While considering travel, we will be a bit different as we will be giving preference for the comfort. It may be an hour or whole night travel. We prefer to travel with our convenience and pleasure. 

Our policy is very well understood by Lufthansa which is providing a good value for our money. Only elite group can enjoy their air travel with business class with all modern amenities. As all middle class people cant afford for this, Lufthansa has introduced a premium economy class which includes around 16 new features to fulfill the needs for all the class of people. Now, no need for our wish for business class when we are enjoying the luxurious travel in economy class itself..

Our economy air travel is now came up with a big combo. 

What are all covered here?

  •  More personal space
  •  More entertainment
  •  More relaxation
  •  More comfort. 

This combo make ourself more satisfied and with a new experience in a economy class.

Could not wait more to explore it right.. then why waiting.. Here's the link to Lufthansa premium economy for your more info.

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