Saturday, June 6, 2015

Who? Why? What? When?

Hey Krishna, I have been asking this question for many times. Still there is no response from you. Lets start from the beginning again. Awaiting for your answer at least for this time. 

Who invented money. Money became the super power in this world. Its becoming powerful than you as this is the vital part to even have a darshan from you in your temple.

Now a days, in temple, we have many different queues saying general dharshan, quick dharshan, fast dharshan. People in general dharshan stands around 4 - 5 hours to have blessed from you. Though quick and fast has the same meaning, rate and the time for seeing you differs. Quick will have the dharshan within 2 hours and fast will take 1 hour for the same. Is this fine?

Education now a days become a good business. Though, a student does not have proper marks, he can do his doctor, engineer, any course what ever he prefers. But, only condition here he needs to be affordable for it.

Other horrible thing is, because of the money demanded in colleges, the really deserving student, though he has scored good marks, he is devoid of proceeding with the course whatever he likes. There is a big gap between rich and poor which is constantly maintained in this type of society. No good economist is coming up with a good theory to shorten this gap.

Even punishments is based on money. Rich is lesser punished than the poor thought the mistake done is the same.

From education, marriage, justice, temple, everywhere money is spread like an air. Previously, we were telling you as omnipotent and omnipresent. But now, money has become omnipotent and omnipresent replacing you to that position. I remember one film dialog saying "Money will go in a place even where air can't go". 

So, my question to you is,

  1. What for the money has been created?
  2. Who gave the full power to money?
  3. Why you were so dumb though you are seeing this situation?
  4. When will you become proactive to eradicate this situation?

Have you given your full power to Money? Do we need to worship that like you? if not, when will this situation changes? when a justice will be blooming in this world? when a true punishment will be given to all those committing mistakes? when our prayers will be answered?

Are you there??????

Again, no response from you. But still, will ask this once more till i get the response from you..

I am waiting.. !!!

Thanks for your interest in my blog. Please key down for your valuable comments.. :-)

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