Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Finish Line.. Our Target!!!

We have never seen a teacher like Life who teaches us in a way that we can never forget. Life is the best teacher as she gives us the experience first by which we can never forget the lesson we learnt. A small experience from my life which taught me a big lesson.

I am not a sports person. But, when I was studying in 7th standard, a new PT trainer joined our school and we were all forced to involve in various activities. Though I am a not a good runner, I tried my level best and practised a lot in the training. The day arrived which he marked for a small race with two levels and finally, the winner will be awarded with gifts.

I won't participate easily in any competition. But, if I participate, I will put lot of effort, try my level best and strive to win. The same happened here. The moment started, The race came. Once I was standing along with 6 girls, I looked at all others who were standing to run along with me. I felt some what relieved as they were also not a best runner. Confidence raised in my self. With a great hope, I was waiting for the whistle.

 Once it is blown, I started rigorously. I concentrated on the dead line and ran fast. Yes!!! I have achieved it. I reached my finish line first before all others. I was selected for semi finals. I was jumping with happiness as this was a new win to me in the sports. 

Next came second level on the same day. This time very much hopeful and confidence. But, it didn't lasts long. As I did previously, I rolled out my eyes on my co runners. This time I left with a shock. The girl near by is a winner for running at district level. I am collapsed. I am completely devastated. I lost hope in myself. Whistle blown. I started running with less force comparatively. As I expected, I came only 3rd. Its not a surprise for me. 

Now, I am realizing my fault as the teacher, My Life, taught me. First time, though I am not a runner, I was selected for the second level. This is only because of my confidence and hope which I kept in others that they wont run properly. I expected others were not a good runner and I put a good effort. Hence, I was resulted with a great win. In the same way, for the next level, I kept the confidence in the girl who was already a winner and I lost the same confidence in me. 

The same way, Life is also a race. We need to strive to win in that.. We need to put a good effort to come up in our life. But, we should never compare ourself and our efforts with others. As Bill Rodgers says, If you want to win a race, you have to go a little berserk. Set up a goal, aim at it continuously, do the duty, think of it, dream of it, Victory will fall in our hands for sure. Napoleon Bonaparte assures "Victory belongs to the most persevering". The Finish line is near. Hope the best wins.. 

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