Saturday, June 13, 2015

Come closure to care for our skin..!!!

We all are aware of the proverb “Old is Gold”. This suits us very well for our skin treatment. I have seen my grandma and my mother who will be devoid of pimples and with good soft skin. I used to touch their skin, in particular my granny, many times whose will be very soft and smooth like a silk. When enquired about the same to them, they will be telling as she is applying turmeric powder daily in her hands, legs and face, she is having this much velvet like skin. 

Nowadays, because of many environmental changes, pollutions etc, many new skin problems are arising. Blackheads and white heads, early ageing, pimples and acne are becoming inevitable skin problem for many people. In this case, if we are going to opt for any of the creams containing chemicals, our problem will become still worse. Instead of solving our skin problem, it will augment ours and our condition will become more pathetic. Hence, only best solution for our skin treatment is the use of ayurvedic products.

Turmeric powder is an excellent exfoliating agent and gives us flawless skin. In older days, there was also a custom followed by all women to apply turmeric powder daily in the morning. But, as trend is changing, most of us are relying on many creams which has many chemicals in it. Also, in turn, it is affecting our skin a lot slowly.

Besides turmeric, we also have many natural methods for softening our skin. Aloevera is the other herb which can have good affect on our skin. Also, it can be used for home facials for our skin nourishment. In addition to it, we also have several products available at home for our ayurvedic skin treatment. Tulasi, neem, curd and cream of milk are those simple things which provide us ample benefits for our skin.


Also, water theraphy will give us a good result when followed correctly. In regular interval, we need to drink surplus amount of water which prevents us from dehydrating soon.

Morning, starting our day with green tea with hot water and lime will give us an awesome effect. It contains anti-oxidants which helps our skin glow and look brighter. We can also apply soaked green tea bags in our face and wash it after some time. Really, a good refreshing effect is assured.

But, to meet all our requirements with these ayurvedic products, with no side effects, VICCO group has introduced vicco turmeric cream which keeps our skin glowing and helps us to get rid of all our skin problems as soon as possible. As it contains turmeric as its main ingredient along with many other ayurvedic contents, it does not have any side effects.

VICCO group is involved in producing Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Medicinal Products like herbal tooth paste Vicco Vajradanti Paste, a natural turmeric skin cream Vicco Turmeric skin cream with and without Sandal wood oil, a natural ayurvedic pain relief cream Vicco Narayani etc.
In the Brand Trust Report 2014, Vicco was ranked 170th among India's most trusted brands.

So, moving forward, we can use a more valuable product to solve our problems..

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