Saturday, June 6, 2015

Why only Noodles... why not....

One of the indispensable food available in almost all the class of family. A gift to all the working women and bachelors. A lovely treat to all the kids. Yes. I am talking about 2 min Instant Maggi Noodles. Suddenly, after 10 years or so, Government has realized to ensure the safety of its people. 

But, looking at it blindly, we can have a perception of saying how good act is this. How well the government is having the concerns for its people. Whereas, if we think deeply further, many questions arises from there. Do we have only noodles as hazardous to our health? That too, in particular, Nestle maggi is banned. So, the first question here is only maggi noodles is risks to our health? others like top ramen, yippee are all safe? Do others contains healthy ingredients in it?

Leaving noodles beside, lets take other products. 

Few years back, we all would have remembered a news of banning the baby products of Johnson and Johnson. News were told that the sterilization process while production of these products emits the traces of ethylene oxide, a proven potent carcinogen. On applying it to the new born baby, their skin will inhale this oxide and increases the risk of baby developing cancers later in life. But, its still prevalent in the market and everyone are using it for their baby's.

Next comes other indispensable drink which we consume it often whenever we are in outing or even step ahead from our home. Its consumption will be highly increased in summer season. Its pepsi and coke. A coloring agent added in this drink to make it brown is highly risky and tends to cause cancer. Suddenly we will be informed not to drink it. But, this will be wiped out in air, we forget the truth about it, and start to have it again and again.

Now a days, even the vegetables we get are fully affected with pesticides. Researchers are requesting all of us to use it after boiling it with water and turmeric powder so as to reduce the hazard. Why they didn't take any action for this? From child to the aged people, every one are consuming these vegetable which are considered to be unhealthy.

Also, fruits. Take apple for example. In shops, in order to attract all the people, we are getting apple with purely wax coated. regular consumption of this paraffin wax will leads to severe problem for our health. This paraffin wax is also a content in noodles!!!! Water melon, everyone's relief in summer, is injected with coloring agent in order to increase its red color. We all were consuming highly risky food in our day to day life for which no useful action have been taken.

Now comes the peak of all the risk. Cigarettes and drinks. As this is a part of vital revenue of government, no proper action has been taken. Also, Government has taken the sole responsibility for its selling and increasing its revenue leaving several people in various health troubles.

So, who will answer for all these? when we will get the freedom of consuming healthy, contaminated free, risk less food? Why sudden ban in noodles that too in particular Maggi. Why not others? stated here is only less. Others were many. When we will get relieved from all this contamination?

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