Friday, June 19, 2015

Complete relief from odours.. #SmellytoSmiley

I love cooking. Particulary, I am fond of cooking non veg and my opinion is it is easy to cook than others. But, when I am cooking, serving and eating fish, I will be enjoying to the core. I will be so happy and even my son loves to eat sea food. But, soon after our battle of food over, battle of odour starts.

Hindu mythology specifies the good and bad, what to do and what not to do, good deed and sin. One of the sin is eating non veg. But, we are permitted to commit the sin on one day, sunday, which is auspicious to me. I love both cooking and eating.

Sunday started at my home. With a hot sip of coffee, our discussion on buying non veg started. As usual, my son preferred for his favorite sea food. We went with a great hyper and bought a big fish and prawns. I made yummy prawn briyani with fish fry which is my favourite (hope for you too!!!)

We even went for a short nap after having an awesome lunch. Then came the real struggle. After moving to our kitchen, oh My God!!! what an odour is it.. the waste of fish and prawns started showing his head. 'No One can stop me from you!! he he he!! Buha buha!!!' Those unpleasant odours started yelling at me.. I was helpless. I emptied the dust bin which was the culprit. No use. I sprayed a room freshner to help me out in removing odour. Utter waste. Smell of the room freshner mixed with the odour to give a new strong one which is even more irritating.

The day became horrible. My enjoyment was curbed. 'Odour can control our mind', I realized. I was in a anger, I was apathetic. I have no clue on the solution.

After the day, I was seriously hunting for an efficient fix for this issue.. 

I went on for a super market. I was having a look at all the room fresheners kept out there. I was in a mindset that all the aerosol will be the same. I came to a conclusion that all such sprays are a ineffective. 

But, I never thought that I was wrong at that time. I was very happy and left with a big surprise. I bought Ambipur after knowing it from my friend. It has really soothing and pleasant smell and really giving a relief from any types of odours.

Ambipur has a realistic fragrance and changes the ambiance in just a fraction of Second and its also given the confidence and happiness when it fizz . Worthy to its cost, this sweet, awesome aerosol started decorating my cupboard these days. Urs????

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

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  1. Cool..As we usually dont cook non-veg since my mom is vegetarian we dont ve such prob!