Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gourd foods to Guard your Fat

Recently I had a chance to chat with one of my friends who is a nutritionist. I wondered a lot on hearing a new fact that all the gourd foods like bitter gourd, snake gourd etc will be a good intake for those who are in the urge of weight loss. In fact, I am a big hater of bitter gourd. Preferably, all are indeed happy with the fancy vegetable like carrot, mushroom, gobi etc which are famous for their recipes in restaurants.Even I am a big fan of all these vegetables. Whenever I go to restaurants, I will be fond of these. Yes. these are also good for health of course. Whereas considering the fact that, all the vegetable which are green have higher Chlorophyll content and also, their health benefits which is needed to us now, we need to choose these vegetables in our daily foods which will helps us to cut the calories and also to keep us healthy.

Now, I started having it twice in a week. Bitter gourd in particular helps a lot in the prevention and treatment of Type II diabetes, which is also called insulin-independent diabetes or adult onset diabetes. Specifically, all the women need to intake all these gourd regularly for proper blood circulation. Also, intake of these vegetables along with the green leaf is still more beneficial.

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