Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Son’s Quest started.. My difficulties are on its way..!

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As a mother, so is her son. But I didn’t expect that I will be trapped in this situation so soon. I have mentioned you all in my first post itself that I am a big questionnaire, Full of questions. I will be asking questions mainly for 2 reasons. One is I need to get the answer. Other is to recheck whether my understanding is inclined correctly.

Now, the same work is taken by my son Jayanth, who is only 3.5 years old. I am very much thrilled, energized, excited, and concerned in hearing all his questions. He will be flooded with lots of questions as I am. 2 main reasons I have to avoid it. One is I will be busy with some work when he asks. Other is I am not aware of most of the questions he asks.

He is fond of animals and birds. He will strive to get answer about his questions based on these living beings. What will unicorn eats? What does dinosaurus do when we go near to them? Which animals will eat zebra? What vulture will do? Why owl is waking up at night and sleeping in the morning? Why bat is upside down? And so on and on. Ahhhh.. Please tell me where can I find the answer to all these. Am I animals or birds dictionary? Absolutely not. I have no idea regarding all these. I am very much baffled to handle him.

Let all these questions are aside. These questions also I can manage. But the question which he asked me and my mother yesterday has lot of sub questions in it and made me think a lot. That was a question which is making me to deem a lot.

My mother was busy in getting ready to temple yesterday. Myself and my son was about to start to his play school which is nearby. Usually, it is me who will take him to his school. But, suddenly, he asked his granny (My mother) that whether she can accompany him. My mother told him that she is starting to temple and she will come with him on other day. The thrilling and discomfited moment for us came along. We didn’t look forward to these questions as we are also not aware of answers for those.

He started his questions. He asked “Where are you going granny”. Mother replied “I am starting to temple dear”. Jayanth said “For what you are going to temple?”  Mother responded “I am going there to pray to god.” My son enquired “Here we have lot of gods in our puja room. You can pray there itself right? What is the reason behind in worshipping God in temple? What is the difference in praying him in temple and praying here.? You only said God is everywhere na. Then what makes the difference? Why you need to walk a long way to pray God who is already present here? That time you could spend praying here na?

Both of us were stunned in hearing this non stop questions.

This was a small trigger for a big shot. Whatever he asked is true. But do we all have the guts to answer this. Even if we answer, will others accept to those? What he said is true. God is omnipotent. God is supreme power. We were all taught like this. At the same time, we were asked to do worship to God in temple. How controversial is this. A lot more to learn from this new generation. Also, they are very tough to handle. Unless and until they get an answer which they think is apt or acceptable, they won’t leave us.

But the question is still left unanswered. It’s fully screaming in my mind. What it could be. Then why lot of temples are there surrounded us. Lot of sub questions started to wander around in my mind. Still awaiting for those answers.

Let’s see if there is anything for me today to get trapped in little mouse’s mouth. L

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