Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wonderful pair is back!!

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What an awesome pair.. Surya and Jyothika. One of the made for each other pair came again to decorate our TV screens. After a long time, in nescafe sunrise ad they are back. Very good to see them after a long time..

From school and college days, I am a big fan of them. Most of my college mates were there to accompany me in those fan club. We were enjoying collecting their pictures, infos and news.

Their film, Kaakka Kaakka is only film which I saw at least for 20 times. In fact, my CD also got struck because of that due to which I had a permanent copy in my laptop.

We were all very much missed their on screen pair when in reality they become pair.

But now, its very pleasant to see them again. Even already they were coming for this ad, recent ad with their selfies was really romantic and awesome. Awaiting for much more ads (at least!!) like this to make us happy... What you all say.. Is that right na.. J

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