Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Sweety in kutty chutties..

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I have never expected that I will see my son in TV. Within a month, this surprise happened to me. I am feeling wonderful today as Kutty Chutties program is to be telecasted today with my son, Jayanth.
It was my family members who motivated me to apply for this program. But, I have no clue whether Jayanth will speak or not as he is very shy towards third person.

He will take some time to mingle with all. But, once that phase is completed, then the problem is on the other side. He is very talkative and pokes fun at others. With his childish speech, everyone will be moved away. As he is only 3.5 years old, I thought we can just give a try as he has time. The maximum limit for the program is 6 years.

I just made a call to Sun TV office where they asked me to bring him on one Thursday for first audition. We went. Along with us, there came a big family with many kids. I am done. I concluded that this is our final audition as he was called alone in a room for selection process. But, for my surprise, he got selected in that. A guy with around 30 years interviewed him. Then, guy called me and told he got selected and wait for their call.

Then we got another call for second level audition. This time, I was a bit confident as he knows the process now. But, this was happened to my shock. A lady interviewed him. She was bit tough which made my son cry. Then, I was with him and spoke to her saying Jayanth knows thirukkural too which I taught him recently. She was baffled, said we can put him on hold and will decide later.

As another surprise, I got a call from them within 2 days. The same girl, who interviewed him for the second time, called me and requested to bring him with good dress on the next day. I asked whether he is selected. She said he is still on wait list. But if some other child didn’t speak out, we can put there. So, he is a substitute. But something stroked me in confident. Let’s see. My fingers crossed.
The expected day arrived. We were all very happy and puzzled if he will be selected the same day. I reached there in the time they informed us along with my family. 2 kids were already waiting there. But, my kid started to cry once we reach there. My confident level was declining. He straight away told me that he won’t even speak a single word. My confidence lost fully.  Waiting was waste of time, I guessed.

Then, I came up with a solution and took my son outside the room in which we were seated. The 2 kids also came there for playing. I spoke to Jayanth and asked him to accompany them. Then, slowly he came to form. He was enjoying and started playing with them. He came in a relaxed way. Time came when the director, Iman annachi (the host) all arrived. They asked all the kids to assemble in the same room they interviewed. We were all waiting outside with a big uncertainty and questions. To our astonishment, Iman annachi came outside and informed us that he spoke well and got selected. Surely, I am top of the world. Very thrilled, excited and glad.

Very happy to see my son in the studio with all his makeup.

Shooting started. He was 4th kid from the beginning. Iman started with the first kid. We were all waiting when 4th kid (My son) will come soon. From 1st, Iman suddenly saw 4th kid and as my kid found sleepy, he said will finish him first. I was thinking that Jayanth should speak well. As was my family.

He spoke very well. He was only kid below 4 years. Others were around 6 yrs. So, he is cute. His childish speech moved all of them. All were enjoying. A sudden twist happened there. The scene was changed. The kid, who was in waiting list till the show began, became the hero of the show.

After 5 hours, the show ended. We thanked all of them who were working very hard for that show which is telecasted only for half an hour. Really appreciate their hard work.

Now, again our fingers crossed. Lots of questions started to arise in me. How will they edit, what they will telecast, how they will cut short a program for half an hour which was actually taken for 5 hours, how we will be in a TV which we never ever experienced before.

Awaiting for the show.. This is on sun tv at 6.00PM IST J

Here is the you tube link for it..

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