Friday, March 20, 2015

World House Sparrow Day - March 20

Ah.. Today is the day for our cute house sparrow which we used to notice when we were all young. But now as we are into our new modern age (!!) with malls erupted, mobile towers erected, one of the species we missed is mainly the house sparrow.

I still remember when I was very young around 6 years, and staying with my granny’s house, I will be hearing the chirping sound of the sparrow which will be coming inside our home, standing near our windows, and so on. Our granny’s house is surrounded by a vacant land on both sides. So, the sparrows were enjoying a lot there. Those sparrows will be a part of our life that time. Even one day if we didn’t hear that sound, we all will be missing it. We won’t be lonely at all with those sparrows.

 I and my sister used to keep food and water for it. With the cute sound, it will come and have it. While having, it will see us which we will assume our self that they are saying thank you to us. We will be so happy. But days went running. Suddenly we felt we are lost those sparrows as people started occupying in the vacant land surrounded by our house. Slowly it got migrated to some other house we thought.

This will be the prominent story happened in most of your life too. Same happened in the world. As we are all seeing our India becoming a shiny city with all tall malls and sleek apartments, we missed to see this cute chirping little bird.

Now an organisation called the Nature Forever Society, headed by Mohammed Dilawar, and a band of sparrow adopters came forward to protect these gentle sparrows in India today. The organisation initiated Common Bird Monitoring Programme (, an innovative project to monitor common birds. So, hence on World Sparrow Day was launched in Mumbai, India in March 2012.

Also, Ex Chief Minister of New Delhi - Ms.Sheila Dikshit, in order to enhance the awareness of these bird’s life and habitat, declared House sparrows as the state bird of New Delhi.

Awaiting to hear the birds sound all over soon.. Happy World Sparrow day.. J

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