Thursday, March 19, 2015

Is Plus 2 a turning point in life?

Absolutely not. It is our society which made this as a culture. I do accept Education is a light of our life. But without light also, we can survive. Plus 2 exams are becoming very critical for all the students due to which nowadays no one is undergoing plus 1 properly. Most of the schools are very curious about their plus 2 results. So, they are all starting their plus 2 portions as soon as possible and creating a lot of pressure in the students. Students who are in teenage need to undergo this stage which has become inevitable in our society. Pressures from all the sides begin to reach the students in the early stages of plus 1. Only few know to tackle this problem easily. But lot of others will be suffering without knowing how to handle due to which they end up in low marks or skip the exam even though all the questions may be familiar to them. It is the society which has created this situation.

        We have many role models to quote here who didn’t undergo all these exams but still they are in successful levels. Bill gates, Sachin Tendulkar all are some of the living examples.

        What is the real need in this topic now? There is a vital need now. In this exam season, we are going through at least 2 or 3 issues in the newspaper that a student committed suicide in fear of plus 2 exams, a student attempted to suicide in fear of plus 2 exams, or a student committed suicide as he didn’t do well in the respective exam. Is this a good sign in a society? Is there no life after a failure in an exam alone?  For sure, all the students writing the exam could not reach state first or school first. So, do the rest of the students are unfit to live in the society.   

       It is in the hands of our society, teachers, parents and school who need to train their students and explain them that it is their talent and knowledge which is going to make difference in the society and not their marks alone. All have their own talent and interest. They need to be motivated in that and they should not be treated only because of their marks.

What you all say.. is that right?

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