Saturday, March 21, 2015

Any friend struck out in candy? I am here to accompany you..

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It was before 6 months, when I was using a non android phone. I used to go by train to office those days. I will be going in ladies compartment. There I could feel as though I am an alien sitting there as I was only the single person who was using non android. 80% of the crowd were playing candy crush so involved and with lot of interest. But I don’t know what is the most interesting in it. I could not figure out what the hell is in that as I was in lot of agony by seeing them who were all peeping into their phone without even noticing their stop.

One day came where my husband got me Moto G mobile online. I was very excited and thrilled to get that. Having that as my first android mobile, I was in the top of world for that day. As a first step, like every one, I downloaded all the apps. My night went sleepless with my Moto. In the list of my downloaded app consist of candy, the one which made me out of rage in the train.

I have started to spend my first sleepless night with candy there on.  After that, I got the answer to my question “What the hell is there in candy to get addicted to it”. It was very delicious with lot of candies and made me to enjoy its each level.

But as it went on, I took a motto in me to reach at least 100th level, then went on to 150, 200, 250. Now I got severely struck in the level 273.

 It was this candy game which made a great chocolate lover (it’s me!!!) to hate to see chocolate in my candy level. Same way, I also hate to see the bomb which is coming often in this level.

Awaiting the day when I could clear this level and proceed further..

I am sure all would have faced this situation in any one of those levels.. True right? Looking forward for your precious comments to share with me!!!!

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  1. Your views are expressing the situation faced by other dear..Keep going..Keep rocking