Monday, March 23, 2015

Auto ride made easy!!!

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Dream come true happened to me yesterday. Though it was not a tremendous thing, it was really awesome experience which we never faced before. Development in technology is changing our life style to the core. But I never expected this to be possible with our growing technology trends. Yes. I could believe “Everything is possible when we strive for that”.

Yes. I am about to talk about Ola auto rides with its app which is marvelous.

I was seeing lot of Ola auto rides ads these days. As I was using Ola taxi app, I used to receive many messages related to the app. Likewise, I received a message saying Ola auto free ride for first 2 rides worth Rs.50. I ignored that in the same way as other messages. But yesterday simply and suddenly I wanted to try that if it is true. Not only because of the free ride but also to check if is it true.

Really it’s one of my dreams if auto fare comes to normal. Many a times I faced several issues in the auto ride as everyone. To travel for 5 km, they will charge us double or triple the actual rate it could be. Even though meter is made compulsory, we could find no auto with proper fare.

One of the good examples could be when we were returning from egmore railway station in the early morning around 5.30 AM.  From station to our home, it could be around 12 km.  First when we asked, he told us Rs.120. We said ok and started. For the name sake, his meter was running. I was having my eye on it. We reached our home. While I checked the meter it came to 110 which Rs.10 less than the amount he charged. I was happy that he is reasonable. But while we were paying to him, he was asking for at least 150 as he will go empty from my home which is a loss for him. We told it’s after your acceptance only we get on your auto. Also, meter was showing only 110. For that he was telling, actually we need to pay double the rate of meter as it would be a loss for all the auto man to charge the same amount as per meter.

Then why Tamilnadu government decided this rate. Also, diesel rate is getting reduced comparatively. Then also, they are not happy with what we are giving.

So coming back to yesterday’s case, we planned a window shopping in mega mart which is only 2 km away from our house only to check this auto ride. Hurry is because the offer is getting elapsed today. I just booked an auto in Ola app. Within 2 minutes, I got the driver number and within 5 minutes, driver called to me to know my address.

We were very much excited and once auto came, we seated in it. After reaching the point, we were happy to see the meter showing Rs.25 which would be charged around Rs.60 (more than double the actual amount) usually. As per Ola request, we had to pay Rs 10 for driver which is not a big deal.
Then came the actual surprise for the day. I got a message stating Thanks for using Ola Auto. Your Rs.50 is credited in Ola money which you can use for future travel. Hooooooo.. Wow..

Though I agree these all business tactics to give a free ride to assure the clients to it, this was a wonderful experience in auto which we could never expect in a city like Chennai. This would be definitely very much useful for all the families.

We used the same app for returning to home. All of us had a wonderful time exploring Ola auto. Please share this experience so that everyone could use this and avoid bargaining to our very old Chennai normal autos.

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