Thursday, March 19, 2015

First Post in My favorite Zone..

Hello all.. First of all, welcome to my first post in my first personal blog..

As everyone says words are the reflection of our mind, here comes my scrambled thoughts. I am happy to share it with you all and also waiting for your valuable comments and sharing.

Filled with cluster of feelings, emotions and questions, I have started to blogging now which I was kept on postponing for lot of days.. Though not an experienced one in writing blogs, I am an active reader or commentator in blogging.With lots of desire and passion, I have started one. And here we are.. :-)
    Always I will be surrounded with lots of thoughts, lots and lots of questions in my mind asking myself what to do, is that right, Am I going in a right path, and so on.. Even now, I am filled up with these questions.. But Now, I am wishing to see many of them who share the same notion like me to come forward and encourage me here.. I am awaiting for lots of wording from you all and to travel further.
   I am not going to minimize my thoughts or notions to any of the particular topics or articles. World is surrounded with plenty and plenty of concepts, information and incidents. I am here to post and discuss those with you all.. I wont say I can discuss all(as it will be countless.. :-( ).. But for sure, the one which is important to us will be a part of our blog..
    Do encourage me.. Comment out your precious ideas.. Lets go on.. Hooooooooooooo.... Very much excited.. !!!!!


  1. Nice post Hema:):) Keep rocking......

  2. Thanks for your support sis.. :-)

  3. Welcome to the blogging world Hema! :) Looking forward to see your this side of writing!

  4. Thank you Poongs.. Check it regularly.. :-)