Sunday, July 19, 2015

Touch me not....!!!

Everyone would have come across one of the plant which has a different  behavior, The touch me not plant. The touch me not plant is a herb whose leaves go limp and droop when exposed to touch, but re-opens several minutes later. 
I have been correlating this attitude towards an important part in our body. That part is very vital to handle us in all the situation. Also it is as brittle as a glass. Fragile as a dream. A person. Whoever he may be. He may be introvert or extrovert. Optimist or pessimist. Theist or Atheist. Everyone are reacting based on it. Can you grasp which part I am pointing to. Can you understand which part I am referring to. Yes. It is our heart. 

My heart is so soft which always I will make sure that it is handled with care. This is similar to a child's heart which will be delighted for a small good news and will be dejected for a bad one. This is very much akin to the touch me not plant. It will be happy and enjoying and like to be smelling out the fresh air provided it is not broken by anyone or at any event. 

We have many reasons for making our heart sick. A small lie, angry words, love, betrayal and so on. For each and every time, this would be broken, and being impotent, will go inside a shell as a tortoise. It will cry a lot where its screaming will not be heard to anyone. 

Usually, I have thought of having a barrier surrounding our heart. Like a thick fencing, I wish it could also be protected with a good and strong substance. But, only disappointing results me. Firstly, I could not have a barrier. Though I have a mental barrier to ignore all, as I am not that much used to it, again I am left with my broken heart. So many reasons will be the causes for it.

Repeatedly, I will be caring for my heart as this will be the primary responsible for what I am. Key to my emotions is completely secured by my precious heart. I am happy because of my small heart. If I am sad, primary reason is the same. So, for me, it needs to be handled with care as I need to dwell happy. :-)

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  1. As a kid i used to be bad about touch me not plant.. Keep on touching it every time .. LOL..

  2. Thanks for sharing.. :)
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  3. Awww..It reminds me of my childhood when I played with this plant..But great analogy Hema..Comparing it with heart!