Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Get ready to child lock your smartphone.. !!!

I have seen many parents saying proudly that their kid who is lesser than 5 years will be playing happily with their smart phone. They will add up to their conversation that, their son/daughter can't be without the smart phone with net connection. That time, I can only worry for them as they are guiding the small kid in an erroneous way. 

We all would have come across a funny ad where a child yet to be born will order God for wifi connection at home. This seems to be funny. 

But, actually seeing the fact, child starting from 2 years are attracted and addicted towards the smart phone, which is an indispensable item in almost all the house. They are staring at it first, drawn towards the light glowing at it and slowly, getting addicted to it. Parents, as they are getting relieved from their kids for some time when they are using their mobile, practicing this, making an habit of it by leaving child in a high risk.

Researchers are undergoing many studies recently and coming up with many facts which is very scary to read. Children absorb micro wave radiation emitted from the smart phones than adults as their brain tissues are more absorbent. Also, this radiant is declared as a possible human carcinogen (an agent directly involved in causing cancer). So, children are in greater risk than adults for this exposure.

But, as a parent, we can't control the children more. They will have an adverse effects in maintaining the relation. Moreover, child will feel so unsecured if you do so. Hence, what are the ways?

While I was searching for good options and tips for the same, I came across 6 useful tips specified in reward me site. Reward me site covers useful options which is very much essential in our day to day life. Here, I am mentioning those valid tips here.

1. Back It Up
              Always its safe to back up your device as our phone may be prone to get damaged with our child. My son once dropped my mobile inside a bucket full of water. But, as it was basic model, it got escaped which will not be the case for smart phone

2. Use the "Find My Phone" Service
              With this finding service, you can find the cellphone if it’s stuck in the seats of your car or under the bushes in grandma's garden.

3. Password Lock
              Set up a password or a pattern so that no one can get into the cellphone or download apps without it. 

4. Use a Protective Case
                  If we are in a worry that our kid will break, we can get a protective case for the same which should also be safe for them to handle.

5. Airplane Mode
                 There is an "airplane mode" setting on most cellphones you can select before handing your phone over. This turns off signal, 3G or any wireless networks so that the child cannot make embarrassing calls or surf the Internet.

6. Establish Rules
         Its better to Lay down some ground rules about how you have to be present for your child to use the phone, but also show her how it works in case of emergencies.

Being a parent, we need to guide our kids in a proper way as they are the future citizen of our country. They need to be healthy with good habits in order to support our society like a strong pillar.

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