Friday, July 3, 2015

Unforgettable breathless moment..

No college life is fulfilled without the bunking. No planning commission will be thinking like the college students to plan about the bunking of the college classes. This is the word which gives overjoy for all the students. This word have the power of uniting all the students. We were no exemption. 

When I joined my college, for the first year we were all so obedient. Showcasing our self as if we are too studious, disciplined and blah blah blah. Then came the second year. We were so thrilled as we became seniors. We thought as if a big power came to us. And, also we were creating many reasons for bunking. One good way for bunking is symposium. Symposium is nothing but the college event where students from many college goes to the host college, participates in event conducted by the host college students, collects the gifts if won, have good food there, spends time happily bunking the college, get rid of same old lectures and it goes on. How many advantages right. 

Which student will say no for attending the symposium. Though he is not wishing to participate in any events, we can have good food and also, we can be free of our college. So, I will be one among all the students who prefers for symposium. But, unfortunately, our HOD (Head of department) was so strict in allowing the students for symposium. But, we are seniors. We have the right to urge her. We have the right to grab our right to attend. So, we started for a talk. Then, she allowed some of us in which I am also the one. I was very much delighted. Overjoyed. Thrilled. We are gonna escape our same old college for one full day. Yayyy.. Happy. 

The day came. I was in the host college. I was elated. We also nominated in many events. After the welcome speech, the event started. By 11, we went for software debugging prelims event which I liked the most as it was related to coding. Myself and my friend srividya participated in that. we did just to solve the problem. We don't have the intention to win the prize there as we are assured that we will not be in a stage to win any. 

Then, came the main event which I wished for. Yes. Its lunch time.. :P we all went and had good lunch there. Then, returned for adzap event. By 3, we were told that the software debugging finals will be started with the selected students from the prelims. As we were so much assured that our names won't be occupied in that list, we went on for another event in auditorium. 

To my greatest astonishment, a girl announced myself and srividya name in the auditorium where we are sitting. She said finals are going on. We were also selected for the same and asked us to rush for it. We were so surprised and amazed to hear this. We rushed to the place where the finals is taking place. already 30 minutes over. only half an hour is left for the event. We don't even have a time to a take a breath. We need to get the output with clearing all the errors which is the task. We decided at least to remove all the errors. It was a very thrilling moment. I enjoyed to the core. Again, our intention is not on prize. Its simple that we only need to solve the problem we are facing. We did. 

Again, we went back to auditorium  to see our friends. We too occupied there and started chatting. 

Prize distribution started. One by one, events and the prize winners were announced. Without caring, we all were enjoying with our snacks. This time, event name is "Software debugging". Prize winners, 3rd prize - not us. 2nd prize - no. 1st prize - Hema and Srividya. yes. Jumping and enjoyment started. We were out of breath with elation. This was my first symposium to be attended by convincing my HOD, this is the first event which I participated and got a certificate and the cash prize of Rs.3000 which was very big amount for us as a student. We both shared it. 

This is so memorable for me for ever. I opened a bank account of this amount which I am still maintaining it. We left for the day with lot of good and unforgettable memories. From that day, Our HOD became lenient for us and allowed for many symposium. We continued our bunking with full permission happily.. :P :-)

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  1. In our silly college, we had to pay a fine of 500 rupees if we bunk college for more than 3 days in a semister. And symposium, what's that?? :P Anyway, at least you seem to have had a better time :)

  2. yes..very important days in our history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!