Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Advancement of creativity in a surprise pack..!!

From the day when a mother was born in me, I have been travelling in a wonder land along with my son and his behavioral changes and development. Each and every time, I will be astonishing by seeing the activities of him. No time I can see him sitting idle. Always he will be in quest. All time he will be engaged in some action. 

My repeated query is where do all the energy come from. Also, I face a tough time to make him sit idle. But, fortunately, I got to know that he is interested in doing crafts work. After going to play school, he has developed this skill and again, hard work started for me to think about the craft activity to assign to him. 

Recently, I bought a new colgate dental cream pack. Already, colgate has given me a kids paste which makes me relieved from his dental protection. I have a strong belief in colgate that it takes care of his teeth from all dental problems. Considering all the mother's relief from their kids tooth problems, colgate has introduced calci lock protection pack too.

But, I would say, this is a dual surprise for all the mothers.
In addition to the calci lock formula, it also has some hidden surprise for all the kids to engage in an activity with its pack. So, I bought it with a great curiosity. I didn't get disappointed. Rather, I was resulted with too much of happiness.

I gave a small board to him for his activity. He started to cut the actors which he needed. Then he spotted the castle, king, queen, prince, princess. Moved the dragon and kept soldier attacking it. One soldier to safegaurd the king family. 

He started narrating a cute small story out of this.

He named the king as King John. He said, there lived a king named John with his wife Nancy. They had 2 cute little kids. One is Annie and other is George. Both were so smart. Once with an astonishment, princess desired to visit a nearby forest. Though her parents didn't permit her, she was stubborn and started to forest with some soldiers with her. 

Unfortunately, there came a dragon which caught hold of poor Annie. Being small, she don't know the way to escape. tears were rolling on her pinky cheeks. Dragon found a big castle which was empty at that moment. So, the dragon took the princess to the upstairs and put there. 

He stored her for his food which he thought of having it later. While he came down, he saw some guards holding big weapons in their hand. One of the security named David, having a big sword, fought with him so vigorously and safeguarded the beautiful princess. She was jumping with happiness and thanked the security guard. 

She was delighted to see her parents and brother again. They were so happy and also assured that again she should not repeat the same.

She too assured that she won't and they all lived a happy life.

I was again left with a state of amazement. I thanked colgate for giving me this pleasure and looking forward for its surprise still more.

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