Monday, August 17, 2015

Clean India - Changes start from us..

Many times, I have wondered the childhood. The small ones behaves well mannered than the elderly people at many times. They will teach their parents and their surroundings with simple lessons.

I am sharing you all one recent incident which gave me a big lesson from my small one.

One day, I went to an ATM with my son. Once we entered, we could find most of the ATM slips were crushed and dropped in the floor. Seeing this, I was a bit angry. But, without thinking for any other solution, I was busy in retracting the money from ATM. 

The Scene which saw there made me proud and also ashamed. Soon after we entered the ATM, after seeing the papers lying here and there, my son started picking up and dropping in the dust bin which is kept beside the ATM machine. He was too serious in cleaning the ATM room. One side, I was so happy and proud to see my son's intention. Other side, I felt too ashamed to feel how we elders are behaving reluctantly 
for our society. 

We cannot blame anyone for any mistake. All the changes starts from us. We are responsible for all the changes for our society. Instead of spotting out others for cleaning the society, the change starts from us. if I change, our family will change. If our family will change, our neighbors and their family changes and likewise, chain goes on. This results in a tremendous change and our clean India arises as a big glory.


This video, which I got it from whatsapp speaks a lot. Please have a chance to see this video and also, initiate the change from us.

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