Saturday, August 15, 2015

Real Independence day....!!!!

Here, today comes the independence day. Its 69th year. We are starting our celebration. 

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Before 69 years, our ancestors know how precious is our independence. They are born in British-India. Hence, they know the difference and value for the independent India. It is not the case of us. We born in independent India and living in the republic nation. We are celebrating our so called independence. Including Gandhi, we have lot and lot of freedom fighters who have sacrificed their life for the well being of us. Subash Chandra bose, Lala lajpat rai, Bagat singh, Mangal Pande and so on. 

All their sacrifice resulted in an independence of our nation. We need to thank all of them whole-heartedly for their dedication, hard work and sacrifice.

Happy Independence day to all.. 

Now come my real question. Are we now having a real independence?

All our freedom fighters fought against the Britishers for the well being of Indians and independence of India. But, now, in our modern India, we are in a position to fight against our own Indians and Indian leaders for our real independence.  

Our country is affected with severe politics, corruption, education, women well being and so on. Lot of worms are there which is slowly poisoning our India. These all the weeds need to be cleared for cultivating good crops. 

Weed 1: Selfish political leaders

Weed 2: Corruption

Weed 3: Black money

Weed 4: Not a proper education for all sectors.

Weed 5: Poverty, Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer. There is a big difference in the society economically.

Weed 6: Women harassment even in public places.

Weed 7: Intermediaries in all the government offices. All the government offices is not easily accessible without them.

Weed 8: Dumping all the waste. No maintenance of cleanliness even the area surrounding us.

Weed 9: Polluting the atmosphere. No proper action is taken for controlling the pollution.

Weed 10: Alcoholism. With the name of "Tasmac", most of the families are affected drastically which has an adverse effect in the development of our country.

We, all the young ones, need to come forward to our society for cleaning all these weeds. True independence is when all these are eradicated and when we get free from all these weeds. 

We, the young ones, need to work hard with our goals. As our kalam sir  has set a major goal as "India 2020", we need to pay a tribute for him in the form of making his dream come true. As our country becomes developed and free from all the worms which is poisonous to the society, there comes the real happiness and we can celebrate our independence day with a wonderful joy..  

Jai Hind!!!!

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