Saturday, August 8, 2015

My Everlasting Image..

We are all in so called modern era. I could feel clearly that all are running in an invisible race. Running behind their goals, objectives, money, fame and so on. But, are we thinking that we also need to give attention to the relations and our relationship? Are we spending a precious time with our family? Nowadays, based on the stats, parents spending time with their children have also considerably reduced due to their commitments in their work and this invisible race is more prioritized than our children. 

These days, I am craving for my very old days which I have spent with my family. Those are the days which I long forever.

I was studying seventh standard. Every Saturdays, myself along with my parents and my sister, will be going to our granny (Mother’s mother) house. 

It is a cute little family. My grandmother has five children along with my mother. My mother is the first child for my granny. Every others will also be coming to her house. So, saturday is allotted for our family to spend with each other.

She will be waiting for all of our arrival as we do. She prepares many special foods for us. Her house has a porch(thinnai in tamil), where we all will be sitting and chatting. Eating those freshly prepared snacks. Granny, has a reserved place in the porch every time. 

 Love was overflowing with it. Those were the time when there was no smart phone. No TV serials. No computers. No other ways for distracting our relationship and family bonding. We will be spending all the time with chatting and enjoying. We had no cameras that time. But, the image which I saw, the picture which I took a photo in my mind without camera is not yet destroyed. It remained in my mind and heart as a fresh picture. I feel that picture is taken only today. I can't get the image out of my head.

I accept that we all have many commitments now. I understand that everyone need to earn so as to maintain a status in our society. Still, love, affection and caring is also important for us to survive. We need to allot at least a day for our family. Saying No to computers, laptop, TV and smart phones in our holidays will help us in a better way to maintain our love and care, share our feelings, and strengthen our bonding which is true wealth.

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  1. Hey , so true. Your post reminds me of my summer vacations. Apr- May we spent time with our Grandparents / Uncle & Aunt. Family outing meant- trips to restaurants/ movies/ Amusement parks. The nostalgic no - mobile era - when people looked at each other when they spoke - didnt look down on their mobile phone screens- as they do these days.

    Congrats for the Wow - by Blog Adda

  2. The nostalgia image never really goes, right? Congrats on the WOW :)

  3. WOW congrats Hema........ Keep Rock !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reminded me of my childhood days in my grandparents house!

  5. So true. I think now also we should plan such meets with our near and dear one's.