Saturday, August 29, 2015

The magical broken pencil

Once upon a time, there lived a poor orphan boy, chotu, aged 15 years. He was so innocent and illiterate. There was a small coffee shop near by the place where he lived. In that shop, many newspapers will be hanging down and many used to sit in the chairs before the shop to read those. He will be staring at all those people. He will be longing for reading all. But, no one would be interested to fulfill his dreams. He wished to read and write in his mother tongue. But, he was left helpless. Owner of the shop will give him some biscuits and coffee at times. He liked that owner very much and he will also do some work for him. 

He will be wandering here and there. Some times, he will be standing near schools and see all the tiny tots coming with bag of books. He will be desiring for those. But, no wish comes true only when we long for that. 

That was a special day. The day when God thought of making his dream comes true. Once, he was wandering, was walking a long way. Walking, walking and walking.. He found a strange place when he stopped suddenly. It was like a cave surrounded fully with black. He was urging to go inside the cave. He also has a fear. But, as his craving dominated, he went inside the cave. 

There, he could not find anything once he entered as it was fully dark. He turned around to see 360 degree view of the cave. In that darkness, he could see one thing very clearly as it was white. It was a white broken pencil which is glittering with shadow in the darkness. He was surprised to see this. There was 2 reasons for his surprise. Glittering pencil with shadow in the darkness. Also, he didn't have a chance to hold the pencil in his hand. With overjoy and thrilled, he went closer to the pencil. Picked it up and ran quickly towards the coffee shop. He showed that pencil to the shop owner. 


He told to get a sharpner or blade to make the pencil write. He kept the pencil as a precious thing. Next day, he made a plan to get a sharpner and use it. Expecting 10 AM, as all the stores will be opening by that time, he was sitting with elated mood. Clock strucked 10. He ran away to a stationary shop and bought the sharpner and also a paper. He started to shave away its worn surface and placed the sharp point in the paper he bought. To his astonishment, pencil started to write on its own. He was jumping with joy as it is writing. But, his joy could not lasts long as he was not able to read it. 

He ran to the shop owner and asked what it is.Owner told, its a poem and came out so beautifully. Owner too surprised to hear the story of the pencil. Owner offered him some money to get some papers. The boy got some and thought how a story would be and how it can be written. As he touched the pencil, it started to write a short story. He was so delighted. Again, he went back to the owner. As shop owner knows the newspaper dealer, he gave that short story and poem to him. Dealer arranged for publishing the same to the newspaper with his name, chotu. Within a week, the story was published. Regular readers in the coffee shop was also happy and showed the name chotu to him. He was so proud and said thanks to the magic pencil. 

Slowly, he grown as a big writer with the help of the magic pencil. He also got more money and become rich. He kept a teacher to learn english and to write and read in mother tongue. He also helped the coffee shop owner to keep a big shop.

------------The End-----------

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  1. beautiful story Hema....made me smile....:)

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