Friday, August 21, 2015

Say cheers.. Its Madras Day today.. !!!

Madars, its a great emotion for all of the chennaiates. Its my home town. I am having all the good memories tied up with my city. 

Some of the glories of my city:

  1. Marina Beach - Longest beach in India and world's second longest beach
  2. Kapaleeswarar temple, Partha sarathy temple - Ancient temples built around 7th century
  3. Mahabalipuram - Main tourist place known for its rock cut architecture
  4. St.Thomas church, santhome
  5. Metro rail
  6. Fort st. George
  7. St.Thomas Mount
  8. Anna aringnar zoological park

The lists goes on. All are the prides of the people of madras.

So, Do anyone know how this great city formed?

Here's a small recap of formation of madras, today's chennai.

While the britishers extending their territories in India with the help of East India company, they built a factory at masulipatam on the eastern side of india. The hindus along the coast were good at painting muslins and calicoes. Also there was a growing demand for such goods amongst the eastern islands. They were all under mohammedan territory. So, the traders at the british factory thought to make a settlement on the territories of vijayanagara king so that they can bring these people under their control. 

In 1639, one of the british merchant Francis Day bought a strip of territory on the coramendal coast which is 300 miles to the south of masulipatam.It included a small island facing the sea. He agreed to pay the Hindu raja a rent of 500 per year in the native coin. A factory was built upon in that island which is termed as Fort St.George.

This factory was the germ where lot of hindus started moving to the factory and working for it. Thus, a small village of little huts of mud and bamboo soon grew up near the factory. In this manner, Hindu settlement grew up the side of fort and was known as black town. The whole locality including fort and the black town was called madras and was the first territory acquired by East India company in India

Later, There had many rebellions between Hindus population and Britishers. After a hard work of all the freedom fighters and our ancestors, we all independent now and enjoying this city as Chennai.

The day when Francis day came up with the settlement is on August 22, 1639. This day has been marked as Madras Day. Later on, the celebration has been transferred from a single day to week and now it has been to month.

375 years has been completed. Many new changes has arrived in our city. Our city is one of the main hotspot for IT industries. Technical growth has tremendously increased. We can see advancement in many areas. 

Its time to say cheers to ourself...!!!

Here's the Facebook page for Madras day celebration.

Proud to be a chennaiate.. 

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  1. Every city has its magical charm and this post makes me feel proud to be born a Madrasi!