Monday, September 21, 2015

Height of Ignorance

The height of ignorance which is man made is RACISM. Racism is something which is not born with us. But, the one which is taught and we learnt knowingly or unknowingly. The fact is we all belong to only one race "Human Race" and no other discrimination should be there in the form of color, sex or etc etc.

As the famous quote of Abraham Lincoln states "Achievement has no color". We, all the human beings are born for achieving something in our life. We need to be helpful for at least some people. We all need to be a reason for the development of our race but not for their destruction or discrimination.

Color, caste, creed and so on does not help us in any way. We need to walk in the path of achieving our goal and not to believe all these types of hindrance which will be a true destruction for us.

Height of ignorance; Elevation of racism

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  1. Nicely said. We do this with our own people.
    Small example is the cold look you get when you drive a KA car in TN and vice versa:))

  2. And it increases for some reason, even during this modern age!

  3. Racism..Its exist everywhere..Sad state!