Sunday, September 27, 2015

My True Elation...!!!

I am an emotional person. I am so sensitive and could not control my tears at any time, even at any place. 

I was entering the room with more nervousness. I was telling my self that I should not let my tears come out there. Also, I was informing myself that I should not show my worries and stress towards them. 

Two girls came and took me to the other building where they were all actually sheltered. My heart were still more heavy. But, praying to God as not to let my tears, entered.

As I was progressing, a crowd of children came towards me. Everyone called me with different types of relations as sister, mother, aunt etc. I was carried away with their relationship. My worries and inhibitions were broken by their innocence. I served food to them. I have no mind to leave from there. Everyone were telling different innocent stories which were all coming from their heart.

Those children were abandoned by their families with many reasons. Also, they are all mentally challenged. 

I could find that as the place where humanity is filled and absence of humanity

I was in Arunodhayam orphanage where these children were taken care with good efforts. Based on each and every child's needs, medical aids are given and also, they are provided with good personal care. 
Special educators were also assigned for them and they were taught many things as per their ability. They were all so disciplined.

Many donors are also visiting them in the regular basis which is eliminating those children's pain and worries. 

After my first visit to the place, my thinking went so deep. Whenever I get time, I will visit there and be with the children. Also, for all the special occasions in my family, we will be celebrating with these children which will give us a satisfaction and true elation.

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