Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Breaking the rules...

I am standing here, in my beloved friend's funeral with abjection.

Yesterday night, he was driving in the over-bridge. Opposite vehicles, which were all broken the rules of speed and their vehicle's headlight, coming up in a hurry. 

His Vision went unclear and he could not see the vehicles which is propelling towards him. He went Pathetic. Though he is righteous,  as the opposite motorist didn't follow the rules, he met in a disaster.

He was hit on the wall and went sedative. He is no more now. 

My heart is heavy. I was mixed with anger and depression.

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  1. Great combination of three prompts! That's too bad about your beloved friend.

  2. The roads are fraught with danger. A sad tale indeed.

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  3. Speeding and blinded by the oncoming headlights. I often wonder why people are so reckless. It is easy to see what happened as a result.

  4. Many of us will also be affected in this way when an accident on the roads claims the lives or seriously injures a friend or relative. Life is so precious we should always be wary of such dangers.

  5. However carefully we drive there is always the possiblility that another driver drives badly. So sad.

  6. The secret to driving is being aware of the other guy. On a bridge, that may only mean you're aware no matter what you do, the accident is inevitable. Well done!

  7. This is sad. Losing a dear friend is traumatic.

  8. I can tell English is not your first language. Please do not be offended if I say I found it interesting the words you used.