Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love and laugh forever...!!!

"Marry a person who can make you laugh, because as you grow older, your partner’s ability to make you laugh matters more than their looks or how much they earn. "

This is always true for me. This quote often strikes my mind as it was the reason to chose my husband. Having an arranged marriage, I first met my husband only at my home along with his and my parents and relatives. I have heard that both male and female who are undergoing this procedure will be so tensed and will feeling awkward. But, it is not the case of my husband. He was too casual and having a nice chat with my relatives and parents. This gave me a good feeling and thought about him and our parents proceeded for our marriage.

By seeking the permission from my parents and his parents, we started going out and spending time with each other. It was Gandhi jayanthi when we had holiday in our office. I went ahead and booked a movie ticket. It was for morning show. We had a meeting point from where he said to pick me up. I was so punctual that I reached the decided place on time. As usual, he started his play. He was not there. Time is running in proportion to my anger.

I called him. He picked up the call and said “Sorry ma. I met with a traffic and will reach as soon as possible”. My BP touched its peak. I could not digest this lie. As it is a holiday, how come there will be a traffic jam and how he has struck in that bloody traffic? I could not resist my anger.

I got another person to shower my rage. of course, It is my mother. I called her and started shouting at her. “How dare will he do like this. Hereafter, for sure, I won’t go along with him. I will not speak to him. “ I was continuously pouring my bad temper to her. Suddenly I realized someone is noticing me. I became so cautious and turned the side where I was hinted. I was shocked. Actually, I was astonished to see the smiling face of  my wouldbe. There was a complete transformation of my anger into ecstasy. My bad temper vanished.

Our program for the day went on with a great joy and I returned home in the evening. It has been 5 years of our married life. Still, there is good understanding and bonding between us. Of course, we will be fighting for a silly reason. But, fighting strengthens our bonding even more and we are enjoying our to the core.

I pray to god to last this forever.

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