Friday, January 15, 2016

Good to Gold Mornings..!!!

We are all familiar to a quote saying "Decide every morning that you are in a good mood". A perfect morning decides our mood for the whole day. Good mood in the morning, fine weather, hot cup of coffee makes our day better and we all will be loaded with good enthusiasm. We will be fully cheerful and with lots of zest for the whole day and complete all our assigned task and work as early as possible. Our way of handling the problems will also be transformed to a chill and cool way. 

Now, we have a super method available to transform our good morning into gold. 

Colgate India provides us with a good charcoal brush which we can also mention it as 360g gold. 

Colgate 360 charcoal gold tooth brush has been introduced to all of us not only for our teeth. It helps in our whole mouth cleaning process. It cleans our teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. In addition to its cleaning process, it also has stunning look which attracts all of us.

Some of our old flat tooth brush has thick bristles which can not move to many parts to clean our teeth perfectly. But, this is not the case in this brush. This brush has gold color anti bacterial bristles which makes sure that our teeth is cleaned even interior. For the glow of our teeth, we have charcoal bristles which helps as a cleansing agent and whitens our teeth. 

It also has comfortable firm grip for us to hold it and clean our mouth properly. Back side of the brush has the tongue cleaner. 

Thus, our whole mouth is cleaned in a perfect and genuine way with the help of our golden charming tooth brush. 

So, with the help of this brush, we cleaned not only our teeth but also our whole mouth. Freshness in our mouth spreads through out our whole body. With the same freshness, we can enjoy our day to day works.  Thus, I changed my usual good morning to gold morning with our cute gold brush. When you are all going to change???

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