Friday, January 29, 2016

Awkward but still funny..!!!

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Though our's is an arranged marriage, we had plenty of interesting or actually funny events happened before our wedding. It is so nostalgic to chew about memories of good old days. There are so many events which makes me laugh and even causes stomach ache. I would like to share you one such incident which is so interesting. Though it sounds awkward that time, it is so amazing to think of it now.

One month before of my marriage, I had to write an entrance exam for my MBA in anna university. I was not so prepared for the exam as I was so busy in my marriage purchase and chatting. Still, I need to complete it as I have paid the fees for it. :-( 

As I expected, the exam was too hard. I was sitting in the exam hall by checking my watch for each and every minute. 3 hours went. With a feel of relived, I left the exam hall. I had a pleasant surprise when I was walking towards the entrance. Yes. My hubby was standing there with a big smile. I was literally blushing. I was so happy that I completely forgot about the toughest exam. 

While we were walking along the passage, he was so keen typing in his mobile. I was so irritated and started shouting at him. 

"Why the hell you came here to see me? You could have been at your home by having a nice chat in the mobile itself right?"

 He was smiling and continuing the same. But after some time, his face turned dark. Without knowing the reason or without having the intention to know it, I was simply walking along with him. 

He asked my mobile. Reluctantly, I gave him. Even more darker, his face went. 

I just asked, "What happened"

He was in a shock and showed me the messages he has sent. 

So lovely messages. 

"I love you"

"I love you to the core"

"I am counting the days for our marriage"

and many more messages.
I checked my mobile. I haven't received any one of it. My thinking traveled in a high speed and reached a long extent. When the words started bursting from me in an angry rush, he showed me the sent number. 

My face slowly smiled and later on converted into a chuckle. I could not resist my laughter. Now I caught the picture.  In a rush, he has sent the message to my mother which was the next name in his contacts list. In order to give me a surprise and delight, he was messaging in haste because of which he selected the wrong sender and sent to that number repeatedly.

It was such a laughter for me till now. My whole family was amused to hear this. It could be imagined well that how would have he reacted during his next meet with my mother..  

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  1. This is so beautiful. I really had a smile on my face when I read the part where he sent the messages to the wrong person. Wishing you and your husband buckets full of happiness and wonderful togetherness.

  2. Wow..Loved every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.Do check mine when free. :)

  3. The real comedy in life.. The right Post for the contest!