Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Open your mind to say yes to the world, #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel, a single word which fills everyone with joy and excitement. Travelling, not only augment our happiness, but also helps to identify ourself. We will meet many new people, find new people with new culture, will know about new food. Thus, we can say the best education which we all get is from our travel. 

Initially, I am very scared of travelling as I am not a social person. I won't move with people so easily and usually takes some time to mingle with them. Everyone says after our marriage, life turns upside down for all. In my case, this is cent percent true. I have never been to any place with anyone. Even with my family, we have never travelled outside chennai. I will be so introvert and it is very difficult for me to commix with others. I will be giving lame excuses to my school friends and college friends when they are jumping for the excursions or trip. I will be shy to even talk with school mates or college mates except with a few. 

My husband is a business traveller and he loves to hang up a lot with many places. He likes to explore new places and also, he does it even when he goes to the business trip. He finds some time to visit to the tourist places even if he goes for the business travel. Munnar is the first place where we have been for the first time after marriage. Personally, that was the first place I travelled outside my home. That was the first time I was travelling and that too in a sleeper bus. I was in a panic and very cautious. I am damn struck and could not even sleep the whole night. After reaching there, I got to see many tourists and also people who resides in Munnar. Whoever I have met and spoken, they were all kind and very caring towards the tourist. I found myself safe. I could see that I have started loving to be there. I liked the climate, the environment, the people over there and the food. My mind started accepting the new situation. I could feel that I have opened my mind and started saying yes to the world. 

From that trip, I started longing for the other trips which we did often. After that, we went to many places along with our child and he also became fond of travelling. Being the new place, I could find myself too much refreshed, void of all my worries and stress. Travelling sharpens our mind. We will start exploring the new cultures and traditions of people living in different locations. Also, while returning, we will be with full of energy and happiness. Many best things happens when we are in good mood and in enthusiastic feel. I could see my change is tremendous. Became extrovert from introvert, I have gained a confidence in myself. I have started handling things myself, I could move with other people without any shy. Instead of complaining for all, we can enjoy all the bits and pieces of our life. Life is to enjoy rather than complaining and living with the worries. 

Our last trip to Andaman was mind blowing. Various islands we went and the experience is so new to me. People from various places came there. Andaman Jail was one of the place which every Indian needs to visit in order to realize how worthy our independence is. 
We explored the under water world, the corals. Coral reefs are one of the most ancient and dynamic ecosystems of India mainly found in Andaman. It was so awesome.

Some of the pics which I like the most in the trip.

My Tiny tot in Ross Island

In Chidiya Tapu

In Chidiya Tapu

On the way to Havelock Island in the cruise

This is one of the most memorable thing in my life. I am new to swimming and also, I am so afraid of diving inside the sea. But, thought of taking risk as I was so excited to know how the experience and the ecosystem under the water will be. There was a trainer for each and every person and they took much care of their trainee. They instructed about the way we need to be inside the water and they took us inside. It was so thrilling to see the under water environment. There were colourful fishes and corals which was very alluring.

Here's my precious certificate.. Happy to share with you all.. :-)

My Scuba diving certificate

There is oneness in all the people. There is equality and fraternity among the people even when they are in different locations. When we travel, we realize this. The pain, love, affection, hunger, anger all are same among all the people irrespective of the caste, creed, color and their place of living. 

I am now looking forward to travel a lot and one of the place particularly, the places which holds our old historical monuments. 


Happy to share you this travel video to all.. :-)

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