Thursday, April 19, 2018

PTE, a gateway to abroad.. #DefinitelyPTE

Who says "No" when we get a wonderful chance of going abroad? Who haven't dreamt about moving abroad for work or studies? I am sure there will be no one. Most of us will have an aspiration to get a good opportunity to work and settle abroad. Almost everyone will have a strong desire of studying and settling abroad. 

But, is it easy? will it happen without any hurdles? is it possible without any exams? The answer is bitterly no. Everyone needs to face the english exam so as to make our dreams come true. Whilst the global study abroad scene has opened up tremendously to accommodate students of all academic backgrounds and interests, there are still certain preset academic standards that need to be met in order to gain admission to a university or college abroad. These are achieved by clearing competitive international entrance exams. Good performances in competitive ‘study abroad’ exams also help you to win scholarships and other forms of financial aid, no small consideration for a majority of the applicants. 

Some of the most popular, and most important, international entrance exams for abroad studies include the SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS and the TOEFL. These are required for admission to universities and colleges in various countries across the globe; at times, the need may be a combination of one or more of these and other tests/examinations specific to that country and its education system. There is a remarkable difference when we speak to the forienger and to our national people. Speaking with the foriegner itself makes us a bit nervous due to which most of us will stammer like anything and it will be difficult for us to clear the visa interviews. As we know, Practice makes the man perfect. We need to practice a lot with the new words and its pronounciation and without any doubt, our communication is the key to make our dream possible.

We have lot of competitive exams indeed using which we can clear it and get admission in many reputed universities over abroad. 

Now, we have a best option of the Pearson test of english academic. The Pearson Test of English Academic, PTE Academic is a computer-based academic English language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is the fastest, fairest and most flexible way of proving their English language proficiency for immigration and student visas. As an education or migration agent, PTE Academic offers you a new and more efficient way of helping your clients achieve their goals.
It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and SpeakingQuestions often test 2 skills together, such as listening and reading or reading and speaking. The whole test is done in a single session, lasting 3 hours and is taken sitting at a computer in a secure test environment. The speaking part of the exam is done at the computer. Your voice is recorded and sent for marking.
One of the best advantage of this test is that you get your results very quickly; in about 5 days.
The test centers is wide around in all the areas. As this is computer based test, the scores will be accurate and impartial. Also, reading and speaking test will be less nervous as the test takers are going to do the same in the computer system. Results also will be published soon therenby reducing our eagerness. Some of the universities in India are Indian school of business and CMC limited. 
Some of the test centers in India are Adithya institute of management, Edwise consultants pvt ltd in chennai, coimbatore, Pune and Gobal Reach in kolkatta. 

So, no longer waiting. Our dream is going to come true. 

Give an attempt in PTE, Fly abroad easily.. 

Here's the universities link - click here

List of test centers - click here

Pearson Link Here


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