Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Enduring Lovely Memories...!!!

Sisters - Initially, shares the womb. Moving forward, she is a soul to share our laughter and to wipe our tears. "Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. Whatever you do, they will still be there. " This is a cent percent true quote which suits me better. 

I do have a little sister named Shamili Kannan. Friendly, supportive and calm in nature. We enjoyed our childhood to the core with all sorts of mischievous things. She will stand by my side at all times. She supports me whenever I am in need, lends her shoulder whenever I am in anguish, shares my laughter when I am in delight. 

I truly thank god as we are born in a non-technical era where there were no androids eating our time. Television programs was also less at that time. We had good times which we spent playing with each other. We simply keep on chatting. I can just count my fights with her. It is very less compare to our marvelous days. 

Sometimes, We used to go for a walk along with our family. Before starting, we will be planning for the topic of our conversation. It is still filled up in my memories freshly. She is a calm, quiet and silent person to the world. Literally, this is untrue. My mother and myself knows the true face of her. She loves to be with the companions who are comfortable for her. 

I could say, she is a mirror image of me. Many times, this has stroked my mind. Whatever I think, she will be delivering in words. I will be telling the same what she thinks. Even our voice are same which my mother still fails to recognize. I used to make a call to my mother and speak in the name of my sister. No time she succeeded in finding out our names correctly. 

My sissy is so stronger person. Many times, I have realized that she is so matured and handles the situation wisely. 

 She has a small circle of friends in which she enjoys a lot. She is so friendly and does anything for her friends.

Recently, she got married when we all realized the true pain of missing her. From my kid, we all experienced the mental misery which we hope the upcoming days will soften us. Still, she may not be by my side all the time. But, she is always in my heart. 

She believes in God so much. I pray to the almighty to bless her with a good fortune and stay as happy as she could. 

Here's the scrapbook sharing the memories of our life. 

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  1. Truly blessed to have a sister like you. U r always special to me dear. No matter how far I am, my heart and soul is always there with you and mom. Love you always:):):)