Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Inji Iduppazhagi Review

Cast: Anushka Shetty, Arya, Sonal Chauhan
Production: PVP Cinema
Direction: Prakash Kovelamudi
Screenplay & Story: Kanika Dhillon
Music & Background score: MM Keeravani

The movie revolves around the major problem which every youngsters faces, women in particular. Obesity. This problems creates a big panic in many souls and they wish their excess fat to get dissolved overnight. Though they are aware of fact that it is absurd, depression occupies them pushing them to try some weird things. 

Every victim will be attracted towards the instant solution. They will forget the fact that only slow and steady wins the race. They will be in a hurry to solve the problem and follow the instant solution which will end up with still more disasters.

This problem is focused in the movie and good message is revealed.

Anushka is the victim of the obese person. Her mother, Urvasi is so worried about her marriage as every Indian woman does. She insists her daughter continuously to take some proper action for reducing her weight. Anushka follows it so reluctantly and follows her improper diet.

She meet Arya at one instant. Though she didn't liked him for the first time, she loves him as she moves with him. One stage came where she loses him because of her weight.

At that time, Size zero, a world famous company lead by Prakash raj starts their branch in the city where Anushka's family resides. The advertisements goes viral as it announces weight is reduced with no exercise, no diet and no shed of sweat. This makes so attractive and many obese persons occupies here in spite of its cost. No wonder, urvasi too pushes her daughter to join her. Anushka too is so eager to reduce her weight because of her mother and her lost love.

After Anushka joins, she finds out that some problem is going on in the instant weight loss solution which is provided in Size zero institution. 

Did Anushka reduced her weight? Did urvasi found out a good son in law? Did Anushka did any action against Size zero organization? All these questions are well answered by this film.

Anushka plays the lead role. She excelled in her performance as usual and is a big positive for this movie. Arya, played as a guest role. Anushka is filled in each and every frame of the movie and she has justified well.

Lip sink is a quite negative for this movie. Screenplay could have been even more crisp. 

Otherwise, it could have been a must watch movie. At least for the message it is conveying.

 'Stay fit the healthy way' 

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