Friday, December 4, 2015

Bournvita Burfi with Sugarfree Natura

Actually, it is too hard even to think of certain advice which is been delivered to maintain our health. One such thing is to keep us away from sugar. As our calories are raising day by day, it is also becoming important to keep a check towards it. 

No way, I can think of staying away from sweets. For sure, I can't be without my hot coffee in the morning. But, without loosing our favorite sugar and sweet, is there any way to control our calories?

Wow. We have a simple way. Yes. Its Natural. Sugar free natura. It is a good replacement of sugar with low calories. This product delighted me like anything. I preferred it for all my friends and relatives. 

Here's a simple dessert recipe with Sugarfree natura.

Bournvita Burfi:

Items needed:

Maida - 1 cup
Bournvita - 1/4 cup
Sugarfree Natural - 1 box
Refined oil - 100 gm
Water - some amount

Steps for preparation:

1. Boil water in a vessel.

2. Mix the hot water in the bournvita and make it as a diluted solution. Keep it aside.

3. Take a kadai and add oil.


4. Once it is boiled, add maida to it. Fry it well till a good aroma comes up. 


5. Remove the maida from the kadai and keep it aside.

6. Add sugarfree natura in the kadai and add some water. 


7. Heat it till we get one string consistency.

8. Add the maida mixture to the sugar syrup and mix it well.

9. Add bournvita syrup to it. Again, mix it.


10. Stir the mixture continuously. Switch off the burner and stir it without leaving your hands. 

11. Once the mixture came non sticky, replace the mixture in the greased plate. Sprinkle some fried nuts on top of it. Wow. Still more yummy.

12. After some time, your delicious sweet is done.


13. Enjoy it well. 

My son enjoying this awesome sweet.. 


Thanks to Sugarfree Natura for giving this delicious sweet with low calories.. 
Here's the link of Sugarfree natura:

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